Haikus from a break

A few haikus I wrote over Spring Break while visiting a friend in Columbus.

Day of spring weather
Basking in the sun deeply

Rice I only have
But it fulfills me ever so

Eat Lady “Mamma”
Smooth, crunchy, spicy, tasty
Good like Black Mamba

I only stayed for a night. The next day we ate at Bravo’s (never been before, but I think Bravo’s is what those Olive Garden commercials are trying to achieve in their actual restaurants) and saw The King’s Speech, which I highly recommend to all, young and old, although I was probably one of three young people in that theatre. It’s surprising the age demographic Colin Firth seems to bring out of the retirement community. On my way home I was stuck in business traffic, those wanting to return to the comfort of their suburbia homes with the wife, two children, one cat and two dogs. Finally close to home, I was struck with another poem, probably  not genius like I just made it sound, but nevertheless, I’m excited to share it with you. (I do want to let you know that I actually wrote this poem while behind the wheel).

Route 30

The National sings to me,
saying I live in a Lemonworld with my sister.
As I do my best to melt my fat molecules
into the wearing polyester seat
with straight posture and tucked in belly,
so not even I notice its presence,
I slow my speeding 85
to Ohio’s sloth-like 60 – maybe 65 –
for the State Trooper – you never know their moods –

It’s been a long day, and
I’m only trying to get home

Tonight’s wing night –
how we fly
for food