Him, her, and his friends


“What’s up?”

“My friends, Paul and Meghan just started blogging today,” he replied. The two travelers had found a cafe with free wifi and were checking their email, updating friends and family on their progress, and finding more sites to visit on their journey.

“What’s their blog about?”

“Oh, they each started their own blog.”

“Interesting. They’re married?”


“That’s weird. You usually see married couples start a combined blog. But I guess it’s ‘to each his own’ right?”

“Yeah…” he trailed off, his concentration on his lap top. “I don’t think they even know about each other’s blogs. Well, Meghan knows about Paul’s, but Paul doesn’t know about Meghan’s.”

“Oh,” she replied.

“Is that bad?”

“I honestly couldn’t tell you. You know maybe I’m making more of a big deal about this than I should. It’s just the internet, ya know? Why do we let the internet control our lives?”

“Right. But you have to face the facts, everyone is on the internet and just about everyone is using some sort of social networking site, feeding the mass tiny episodes of their personal lives. So it’s hard not to make a big deal out of this. People see that Paul and Meghan, a married couple, have separate blogs they’ll think one of two things. Either they’re happily married but still allow themselves individuality instead of meshing into one person, or something’s wrong in their marriage.”

“Let’s hope it’s the latter.”

“I guess I’ll just have to keep reading their posts, although I feel kind of dirty for doing so.”

“In what way?”

“Well, I’m friends with both, but reading each of their blogs may get a little dicey. I could start siding with one and going against the other just because of how they portray what’s going on.”

“I guess if they have a fight and both post about it you’ll be getting both sides. I see it as kind of a good thing.”

“Maybe. I dunno. We’ll see.”

“I think I’d like to read their blogs as well. What are their addresses?”

“Paul’s is Man of New York and Meghan’s is Lost Pies in New York.”

“Good titles. I’m assuming Meghan likes pie?”

“Yeah she loves it. Her favorite’s blueberry pie just like you.”

“Ohhh we’d get along.”

“Don’t start siding yet!”

“I wasn’t siding. I was just complimenting her choice in pie.”

“You’re siding.”

“Whatever. Listen, can we get back on the road now? What do we have, a day before we reach Canada?”

“Yeah I think so,” he replied. “Do you have your passport? Yep, I picked it up at the local post office while you were getting gas. I had my mom send it in.”

“Mmk, good. We’re all set then.” He laid change down on the table for the waitress before shutting down his laptop and packing his bag. He noticed the fluttering of her dress when she stood up to stretch. He loved that sound of fabric rustling. Wait, how was it rustling? He looked around, searching for the source of the wind or air flow. She noticed this but said nothing. She packed up the last of her things and stood waiting for him while checking a few text messages that had popped up. He looked back at her then shook his head. There was a moment that passed so quickly it was hard to discern what had really happened. He let it go and walked out the door behind her.


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